Bahrain Investment Market Can Help Companies Diversify their Products and Services

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Members of the International Advertising Association (IAA) Bahrain Chapter attended an orientation session organized by the Bahrain Bourse (BHB) in which they received an introduction to the Bahrain Investment Market (BIM), an equity market launched in March 2017 for growing business ventures in Bahrain and the wider MENA region.

In addition to explaining the BIM concept and regulations, the BHB focused on the unique benefits eligible companies can gain by listing on the BIM.

“Savvy businessmen know that today’s globalized economy and new technologies mean companies must constantly innovate in order to compete. This often requires substantial capital investment which the companies may find difficult to attain through traditional means,” said Bahrain Bourse CEO Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa.

“The Bahrain Investment Market’s accessible capital-raising solutions can be a suitable option for businesses looking to expand and diversify their service offerings, thereby enhancing their sustainability,” Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa continued.

Chairman of the IAA Bahrain Chapter Mr. Khamis Al-Muqla echoed this sentiment, noting that the traditional media model has become outdated due to the change in people’s media consumption behavior brought on by technology, forcing companies in this sector to re-think their strategy.

“Like many other industries, the media landscape has witnessed a dramatic shift in the last 15 to 20 years due to the emergence of new technologies and media platforms, as well as the increase in internet penetration. Companies in our sector must embrace this change and adapt their services accordingly,” said Al-Muqla.

“Having an efficient and relatively low-cost means of raising capital such as the Bahrain Investment Market is a tremendously valuable advantage that companies in our sector need to seriously consider as they look to invest in diversifying their revenue generation streams,” Al-Muqla added.

Al-Muqla had revealed this past April that advertising expenditure in Bahrain slightly decreased from USD 76 million in 2015 to USD 74 million in 2016, but noted that the share of digital and social media had sharply increased, with some sources estimating it as high as 20% of the total advertising expenditure.

Companies interested in listing on BIM and specialized advisory firms interested in becoming authorized by the BHB may contact the dedicated Help Desk by calling (+973) 17 261260 or emailing [email protected]