Ahli United Bank Launches Bahrain Trade under its AUB Trader Platform

Sunday, October 18, 2020
Ahli United Bank Bahrain (AUB), the Kingdom’s largest banking institution, has announced thelaunch of Bahrain Trade under its AUB Trader Platformby addingBahrain Bourse under the list of electronic markets available on AUB Trader, its online trading platform.

First launched in 2006, AUB Trader is noted for being the first online stock trading service in the kingdom of Bahrain to offer access to GCC, US, and major European stock markets.

Commenting on this, Mr David O’Loan, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer – Treasury & Investments at AUB, said “Since introducing AUB Trader 14 years back, Ahli United Bank hasn’t rested on its laurels. We continuously seek new partnerships to open new markets to our clientele the world over. AUB Trader provides state-of-the-art online trading, highlighting our ceaseless impetus towards digital transformation. We aim to make equity transactions ever more seamless and efficient. The addition of Bahrain Bourse is therefore a natural step in expanding our online trading platform, making AUB Trader one of the most comprehensive equity trading platforms in the country.”

On her part, Narjes Farookh Jamal, Chief Operating Officer of Bahrain Bourse stated: “The inclusion of Bahrain Bourse under AUB Trader Platform is a milestone achievement and complements Bahrain Bourse’s expansion strategy for Bahrain Trade’s network, which aims to encourage active retail participation and increase its accessibility through various online trading platforms.”

AUB Trader serves customers by facilitating the process of electronic trading through a smartphone application available on Android and iOS, linking them directly to the trading floor and allowing them to benefit from all the investment opportunities available via the financial instruments listed on the exchanges available. They can also select what best suits their objectives without the need for dealing with a broker. Even better, customers can get real-time quotes, buy and sell stocks on the go, access news and announcements, and benefit from a wide range of analytical tools to help them make smarter and better-informed decisions.