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​​​About Murabaha

As part of ​Bahrain Bourse’s continuous efforts to develop the Capital Market in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in line with BHB’s strategic goal of “Cultivating Capital Raising & Investment Opportunities”, Bahrain Bourse has introduced the Murabaha service for banks. The service aims ​t​o meet the gro​wing needs of Interbank, corporate and retail clients, which supports Bahrain Bourse's efforts to expand and diversify its provided services and cater to various market segments through a new and unique line of service.

Target Clients

Sharia’ah compliant conventional and investment banks​

How it Works

In contrast to t​he traditional commodity Murabaha financing services provided by the Sharia’ah compliant conventional and investments banks, the Murabaha financing service offered by BHB stands out as it offers a unique efficient flow given the underlying commodities being CBB issued Ijara Sukuks

Value Propositions

  • Compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’ah and approved by Bahrain Bourse Sharia’ah Advisor
  • Competitive fees
  • Low insolvency risks
  • Fully automated Murabaha process
  • Immediate quot​ation and transfer of ownership

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