Central Registry

Central Registry

​​​​​​​The Central Registry was launched by Bahrain Bourse as a part of Central Securities Depository (CSD) Division purposely to handle a central database for joint-stock Issuer share books, additionally providing high quality services to those companies and shareholders.​​​


  1. Establish a Centralized database preserves the information of all Issuer shareholders, to be managed by one central authority through an automated system in accordance with the international standards.
  2. Conserve ​shareh​olders' ownership rights by pursuing laws and regulations applied in the kingdom.


  • Maintaining a record of the Share Register in electronic form.
  • Updating shareholders' ownership records subsequent to shares transfer through trades and Exceptional Cases
  • Maintaining securities pledges in electronic form.
  • Providing shareholding reports to Issuer.
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Company.
  • Responding to Investors' inquiries.
  • Issuance of Reports of Shares Movement in registers of listed companies.
  • Executing approved AGMs corporate actions including: Stock Merger and Acquisition, Capital reduction, Bonus issue and stock split.
  • Offering IPO processes services.​