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Bahrain Private Market is a platform for Closed Shareholding companies which aims to provide a full suite of bespoke share registrar services in a secure and electronic format. The shares are held in safe custody by Bahrain Clear, which forms an integral aspect of the exchange’s technological infrastructure, and aims to ensure the safe keeping and visibility to the company’s shareholders. Bahrain Clear’s technological infrastructure aims to provide safe-keeping of share registrar in an efficient manner. Joining Bahrain Private Market aims to prepare Closed Shareholding companies to kick-start their journey towards public capital markets and expose them to the overall exchange ecosystem.

Shareholders interested to join Bahrain Private Market shall register electronically by submitting the registration form through visiting the below link:

Become part of Bahr​ain Private Market

Contact Bahrain Clear team to explore more on how to register your company:

Telephone: 17108841

Email: [email protected]