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What is eAGM?

eAGM is an innovative AGM service that enables issuers, investors, custodians, regulators, and other participants to participate in AGMs fully virtually or in a hybrid format with built-in voting capabilities.

The service aims to further highlight the importance of shareholders’ role in fully exercising their voting rights during AGMs through easier connectivity in virtual or hybrid formats, which will further drive and enhance shareholder engagement.

How it works?

The web-based service aims to drive higher shareholder engagement through enabling both virtual and hybrid AGMs, real-time access to voting results with weighted voting and meeting quorum, providing secure verification of shareholders and their representatives, and enabling flexibility in accessibility whilst offering full audit trails.

Shareholders will be able to access all the required information related to eAGMs through the registration on the dedicated website:  https://eagm.bahrainclear.com/

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