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Membership Documentation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Members interested in joining Bahrain Bourse should submit the following documentation:

  • A copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association marked as Attachment ‘A’.
  • A copy of the Board’s Resolution authorizing the application for Membership, marked as Attachment ‘B’
  • A complete list of shareholders and their respective shareholdings in the company marked as Attachment ‘C’.
  • A document marked as Attachment ‘D’ which set out the following:
  • A brief history of the applicant and the main line of business;
  • The names of other exchanges and clearing institutions of which the applicant and/or its parent, related or associated companies are Members
  • A statement whether the applicant has ever been denied membership of any exchange or clearing institution, or whether such membership has ever been suspended or revoked. If so, to provide details
  • A business plan on its proposed business model in Bahrain.
  • A list of the Directors and key officers, showing the names, CPR/Passport numbers, occupations, residential addresses, spouses, nationality, records of any offences committed, shareholdings in the company and interests in other companies, and other directorships. This will be marked as Attachment ‘E’
  • The organization chart of the application, marked as Attachment ‘F’.
  • The audited accounts for the last three years and the latest monthly unaudited accounts. This will be marked as Attachment ‘G’.
  • Certified copy of Commercial Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  • Relevant approvals and license from the relevant regulator/licensers
  • Market Control and Brokerage Membership Application Form 
  • Clearing and Settlement Membership Agreement
  • Registration of Approved persons
  • Registration of Market Makers (if relevant)
  • Any other documents will be in accordance to the attached appendix  where applicable
Become a Member :
  • Apply: Submit the Membership Application Form with the Member Services Application Form​.
  • Connect: Connection made with the Exchange Trading System and BHC System (Equator)​.
  • Get Started: After obtaining the necessary approval on the Membership Application , A Membership starting date will be stated in coordination with the Exchange.

Brokerage Membership Application

Application for Market Making in Bahrain Bourse

Registration of Approved Persons Application​​