With the Participation of the Central Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain Bourse and Bahrain Clear Participate in the HSBC MENA Markets & Securities Services Forum 2023

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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Bahrain Bourse (BHB), a self-regulated multi-asset marketplace, and Bahrain Clear have successfully participated in the HSBC MENA Markets & Securities Services Forum 2023, which took place from the 8th- 9th March, 2023, in Dubai, UAE. The delegation included representation from Central Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain Bourse, and Bahrain Clear. This comes as part of part of its endeavor to further attract international investments and strengthen linkages with international fund and asset managers, to further showcase key regulatory and market developments and measures to regional and international investors.

The two-day conference connected attendees to a global custodial network, investors, and served as a platform for leading a regional digital presence for securities services. On the sidelines of the forum, the Bahrain Bourse delegation met one-on-one with representatives of leading international fund and asset managers interested in gaining insights on Bahrain's capital markets, highlighting key regulatory and market advances that are currently underway, as well as the opportunities offered by its listed companies, with the aim of developing corporate partnerships that align with the Kingdom's Economic Vision 2030.

Sh. Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Bourse commented, “The HSBC MENA Markets & Securities Services Forum 2023 provided an excellent platform for professionals and entities from across the MENA region and beyond, as well as regulators and stakeholders, to discuss notable foreign investment related issues and critical topics relating to securities services. This has undoubtedly served to enhance the market's position and allows it to contribute to Bahrain's economic progress through global quality standards."

“Bahrain Bourse is dedicated to making every opportunity and challenge worthwhile. Participating in such efforts in collaboration with HSBC throughout the years is part of our continued commitment to establishing and supporting a robust and efficient financial market focused on liquidity and transparency," Sh. Khalifa added.

Abeer Al Saad, Director of the Capital Markets Supervision Directorate at the Central Bank of Bahrain highlighted, “The HSBC MENA Markets & Securities Services Forum 2023 provided an invaluable platform allowing the region's markets and regulators alike to showcase key regulatory developments and discuss prevalent capital market development matters. The Central Bank of Bahrain is happy to have participated in this year's event, as it serves to build on multiple facets of the Kingdom of Bahrain's Financial Sector Development Strategy and specifically the ambition to enhance and transform the Kingdom's capital markets by establishing the necessary dialogue with market participants and various institutional investors for insights on onwards market development."

The forum welcomed key speakers from Central Bank of Bahrain, HSBC, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), Nasdaq Dubai, Securities Depository Center Company (EDAA), Dubai Central Clearing & Holdings LLC, and others to discuss key topics such as the region's securities borrowing and lending landscape, initial public offerings, evolving geopolitical developments and their impact on financial services in 2023, tokenization, and much more.