Bahrain Bourse and Bahrain Clear Honors its Long Serving Employees

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Monday, January 09, 2023

Bahrain Bourse (BHB), held a “Long Service Award Ceremony" to honor the efforts of seven long serving employees for their loyalty and remarkable contribution to Bahrain Bourse and Bahrain Clear over the years.

At the award ceremony held at Bahrain Bourse premises,  Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, CEO of Bahrain Bourse presented employees whom have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service at Bahrain Bourse and Bahrain Clear with their awards and certificates of appreciation in recognition of their dedicated commitment.

On this occasion, Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, CEO of Bahrain Bourse commented: “We take this opportunity to congratulate our long serving employees, through which we are keen to continue honoring dedicated employees whom have provided their professional expertise to support Bahrain Bourse and Bahrain Clear throughout the years. We appreciate the remarkable efforts taken by our employees in the various departments to achieve Bahrain Bourse's objectives, and we look forward to more dedication and distinguished achievements by all our team members in various departments. At Bahrain Bourse, we firmly believe in the significance of honoring and appreciating the dedication and commitment of our long-serving employees, which serves as the backbone of Bahrain Bourse." ​

“The Long Service Award Ceremony com​es as a testament to Bahrain Bourse's keenness to appreciate and recognize its human capital to support their development and upscale their careers. Bahrain Bourse believes that the efforts of its dedicated employees and their extensive expertise in the field constitutes an essential part of Bahrain Bourse's journey and contribution towards its growth and development throughout the years," Shaikh Khalifa added.